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New Product launch: The ADS i-Quad 4 zone matrix amplifier

New Product launch: The ADS i-Quad 4 zone matrix amplifier

The ADS i-Quad is here and it's a fully featured, professional matrix amplifier with full zoning facilities. This amp features onboard MP3 (SD/USB) player and FM tuner complete with four zone output selection. Each input can be easily routed to any of the four zone outputs using the front panel selector, moreover each input features bass, treble and volume control for precise sound control. To get the most out of the unit, link it to the new ADS Signet Quad microphone allowing you to page to each zone independently. You can add 6 of these mics to work together. We've also got three combo mic/line inputs with selector and phantom power, via XLR/6.35mm jack. Two phono line inputs, built-in MP3 player on front panel and a telephone input All source inputs can be matrix assigned to the 4 zone outputs simultaneously The 5 inputs channels plus onboard MP3 player and FM tuner Three microphone/line inputs with bass, treble, volume and gain control Two AUX phono inputs with bass, treble, volume and gain control MP3 player with SD and USB inputs Compatible with the Signet Quad 4 zone remote paging microphone input via RJ45 Versatile loudspeaker outputs for each four channels: 70V, 100V and 4-16Ω Line level, balanced outputs for each zone output RS232 serial control port for third party system communication Priority input to override other inputs Input priority level from high to low: remote mic, priority input and telephone input and MIC 1 Output for monitor loudspeaker, 1W, 8Ω Extensive protection including thermal, short-circuit, clip and overload with indicators Ground lift switch Fan cooled

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