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Public address systems by audio Design Services

ADSworldwide has an international reputation for quality of service, recognised over the years by many different professional bodies within the industry.
We have customers and clients in more than 40 countries who can testify to our company’s priority to address customer needs through lasting and meaningful relationships. We take pride in the fact that we take our lead from our customers' individual needs, supplying high quality equipment at affordable prices with expert consultancy, advice and technical support from staff who have up to 35 years of experience in the industry.
Our Research & Development policy does much to keep us at the forefront in terms of new product design and system installations. Our national and international customer base strengthens our position in the Sound and Communication Industry and contributes to the continuous improvement of our product range and quality.
It is our objective to provide customers with goods and services which meet the highest standards of quality and reliability essential to our customers’ application needs and to current safety directives. To this end the company operates a rigorous Quality Assurance programme and all our products comply with relevant Health & Safety Directives.

ADSworldwide has been involved in the design and development of many national installations, including Public Building, Airport, Railway and Stadium Public Address systems. The company is a specialist provider of a wide range of different Public Address solutions. These include

  • Digital Message Management Systems - for industrial, commercial and retail environments
  • Education Systems - portable and fixed Public Address installations for use in educational institutions
  • Portable Wireless Systems - used in places of worship, bars, aerobic and fitness centres, conference centres, concert halls and other indoor and outdoor event arenas
  • Audio talk-back Systems - installations that allows audio to be incorporated into existing CCTV systems
  • Assistive Hearing Systems - Induction Loops and Infra-red Systems for the hearing impaired satisfying the Disability Discrimination Act legislation
  • Voice Alarm Systems - Public Address solutions for hostile environments (including systems for fire safety training).
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