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When Ateis arrived in the UK, they were quick to seek a partnership with ADSworldwide as the quality of the ADSworldwide was a perfect match for the inovative and quality of the Ateis High security sound products. We've worked together on many prestigeous projects adding value to each other's products and extensive knowelege, itmade us great partners!

Few companies have such a drive for innovative developments that their name automatically links to a particular market sector however, ATE�S has become synonymous with high quality Voice Alarm systems in the transportation sector across Europe. With governments currently putting extra resources into their country's infrastructure and transportation systems in order to create a boost for their economies, ATE�S finds itself in a unique position, as serving the transportation sector with audio and data networking is what we do best. With our own audio networking and data-routers, voice over IP solutions and our latest development, Intercom over IP, we are leading the industry!

The ATE�S brand name is found on many prestigious Public Address and Voice Alarm installations throughout the world, such as Hong Kong Airport, Dubai Jumeirah Beach Hotel or SNCF France to name just a few.

ATE�S is established as a leading manufacturer of Public Address, Voice Alarm systems and counter intercoms. The company now offers a full range of sound equipment: microphones, preamplifiers, digital processors, digital audio matrixes, loud-speaker monitoring systems and amplifiers, Intercom over IP, Intelligent Acoustic Solutions, Bass and Compact Arrays, voice over IP. Ateis range includes specialist en60849 compliant voice alarm and voice evacuation systems and loudspeakes and ADSworldwide integrate this equipment into the heart of our high specification public address systems working alongside the core ADS worldwide commercial audio range or VA loudspeakers, standard 100v line sound equipment and paging microphones.

The Ateis range includes specialist applications of Sinaps, ida , line arrays, smartvox, dsp, matrix, audio processors, pava, lap, uap, voxanet, steerable line arrays and IP based systems. Our specialst team can help you through the whole installation and rack build process.

Ateis also produces a fansatic range of counter intercom systems, the magellan and messenger intercom are just fantastic, they're not exactly simple so just ask us, as a partner of Ateis, our knowelege is second to none.

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